Technical parameters

Office building: class A
Built area: 799 m2
Total built area(TBA): 4406 m2
TBA with basements: 6689 m2
Parking spaces: 63
Construction: Monolithic reinforced concrete structure, that allows flexible allocation of space.
Facade: The facade is lined with granite and all decorative items such as pilasters, cornices, capitals are with colour combination, fitting in the general interior of the building and adds to its overall look.
Floors: The common areas of the office building are of polished natural stone and the  offices have raised floor, covered with HPL;
Ceilings: Suspended ceilings.
Windows: AL windows with thermo break, fire emergency exits;
Lifts: 2 passenger lifts, each with a capacity of 8 people.
Air conditioning: VRV system DAIKIN, with options for heating, cooling and ventilation, with air refreshment.
Fire protection system;
Emergency diesel generator and UPS system for emergency situations;
Centralized system for computerized management of installations and equipment in the building (BUILDING MANAGEMENT SYSTEM).
Cabling: Structural cabling 7-th category.

Slide overall the scheme of the building floors to see the floors.